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From the Hollywood hills to the valleys of southwestern Pennsylvania, Steel City Crüe brings you the excitement and sound of the original bad boys of the Sunset Strip  – Motley Crüe!

Steel City Crüe consists of four guys dedicated to bringing you the total Motley experience with lighting, costumes, and special effects. Of course all of the songs are there, from the sing along ballads to the raunchiest rockers.

Steel City Crüe’s set list spans the entire 40-plus year history of Motley Crüe. Steel City Crüe came out with guns blazing as they drew what is reportedly the largest crowd ever at the Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh for their debut show. After just one show, the reputation of the band loomed so large that clubs from West Virginia and Maryland were calling, wanting to book their own experience.

From “Too Fast For Love” to “Saints of Los Angelos,” Steel City Crüe pounds out large doses of hard-hitting rock to take you back to the days of the Sunset Strip, when loud music, ripped jeans and big hair were vital elements of a rock n’ roll band. Steel City Crüe strives to recreate and keep alive the over the top live performances that made Motley Crüe such a sensation. Butthe tribute to Motley Crüe end with impersonations. Steel City Crüe’s energetic live performances also feature amazing lighting effects, costumes, stage props, and all of the wild antics that are guaranteed to bring any crowd to its feet begging for more.

Whether you are reliving those crazy days or experiencing the excitement for the first time, Steel City Crüe promises that their show will make you feel as if you have actually been transported back in time for a look at four guys we came to know as Motley Crüe.

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The Most Notorious Tribute to Motley Crüe

David Fair "Vince Neil"Vocals
David Fair "Vince Neil"
Braden Esposito "Mick Mars" Guitar
Braden Esposito "Mick Mars"
Chuck Bowland "Nikki Sixx"
Matt Ferrante "Tommy Lee"